Kaniz Rahman

I’m a UI/UX Designer with a background in Graphic Design, Marketing and Architecture. Creating vivid spaces, layouts and dynamic experiences have always been a part of my work throughout my career. Upon discovering UI/UX Design I realized it was only natural for me to transition from the physical environment into the thriving digital world of web design, as it unites Design, Psychology and Technology, every aspect that has shaped me into the designer I am today.

Having experience as a design team lead and working with clients, I’ve learned to empathize and create user-centric design solutions. I understand the importance of optimizing work processes to communicate and create efficient workflows, from concept analysis and user research to detailed user interface design and visual design.

Due to my versatile background, I can easily adapt to new areas of expertise. I aim to tell people a story through design and I strive to constantly evolve as a designer by learning from others while working together in a team to help customers translate their ideas into unique products. 

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This is me,
behind the scenes.

I was born in Bangladesh, grew up in The Netherlands and now I’m living in Hannover, Germany. I can speak 5 Languages!

When I am not glued to my screen designing away, you can find me with a fine liner in my hand, creating abstract illustrations and labyrinths of lines, which I call my INKcreations.

My goal in life is to inspire others with my work. My motto is: