Hi, my name is Kaniz and I'm an art-chitect, designer and creator. I was born in Bangladesh, grew up in The Netherlands and now I'm living in Germany with Mr. Husband.

What is an 'art-chitect' you ask? Well, it's a word that describes me better than any other. Even though I have a degree in Architecture & Design, I wouldn't call myself an architect, simply because my passions, interests and my work are way more versatile than to be limited to one single label. I am an architect, but to many things than only one.

I'm a storyteller, imagining and developing concepts is only half of my work, and the other half is creating the very thing that I imagined and seeing it come to life. My goal in life is to inspire others with what I do. You could say I'm 50% designer, 50% creator and therefore 100% art-chitect. Simply put, my vision is: IMAGINE. CREATE. INSPIRE.

At a very young age I've developed an interest in drawing and arts. But it wasn't until halfway through high school that I had taken the decision to pursue the direction of 'Architecture and Design'. Because of my cultural roots, for the longest time I've wandered around the hallways thinking I'd become a doctor when I grow up. But that would have been the biggest mistake of my life.

After high school I rolled into the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague, Netherlands where I would spend 5 years learning about Art, Design and Architecture.

Over the years I've worked to form my own style and with that, my interests gradually developed into small scale Conceptual projects such as Product Design and 'Wearable Art'. My Inkvomit illustrations came to life in my academy years which are a result of my continuous train of thoughts and partially because of stress. They'll always be part of my life because through them I tell my stories, and only the people who get lost in the labyrinth of lines, can see the mysteries unfold...

Enjoy my stories, and feel free to write me yours.


Kaniz Rahman